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Dec. 13th, 2008 | 06:47 pm
music: Song to the Siren - This Mortal Coil

The Prodigy + a good few years = Shit. This is where you agree whole-heartedly. Their new song makes me want to kiss an Asian man so passionately that my ear drums pop out. Of course I wouldn't do that because I like women and I'm a one woman woman. Speaking of women, I seem to attract the crazies at work. A lady came to me the other day "DESPERATELY" needing a certain type of cheese, because if she didn't get the right type her partner wouldn't be very happy. Apparently he's very controlling, doesn't like her to wear any perfume besides Chanel No. 5 (so she puts different stuff on in the morning after he goes to work (because she can't afford Chanel No. 5) and then scrubs it off before he gets home)and sorts out all of her finances. Now she gets an $800 pension and apparently her bank account was $18 or $19 short, but when she went to the bank, the teller went through everything with her to make sure that they hadn't taken the extra money out. She was reluctant to suggest to her partner that he may have miscalculated, but told me that he may have gotten confused, as he was trying to do other calculations at the same time. She asked me not to mention it to anyone. I showed her where the cheese was and wished her a Merry Christmas. Today, as I was walking back from lunch, another lady stopped me and asked me where the milk was. After I told her, she said "Now I'll tell you...have you had your Christmas party yet?". When I said that we had, she followed me and told me to suggest the Bronco's Leagues Club for the Christmas party next year, because they have a $13 dollar buffet for 700 people and if you're a member there you can go in to the prize draw to win money, but she didn't know if they'd draw my number "of course". Apparently there are different things on every day leading up to Christmas and you can win great prizes. Her husband works in the TAFE across the road from the club, which is, I assume, why she knows so much about it, but it was like having an ad follow me around. I guess it breaks up the monotony of working in a supermarket.

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